How to move your Pay TV

It’s easy to transfer your pay TV service to a new address. 

If you’re a Foxtel customer, you’re likely enjoying the wide range of channels and entertainment options available. From entertainment packs to sports packages, Foxtel has something for everyone and now, with the addition of broadband services, Foxtel can keep you connected online too. 

When moving house and wanting to transfer your Foxtel subscription, the process is simple. Let’s get your questions answered so you can settle into your new place with your TV subscription.

Can I move my Foxtel when I move house?

You can relocate your Foxtel service to your new address, provided that Foxtel is accessible at your new house. To verify the availability of Foxtel services at your new address, it’s best to log onto your Foxtel account and check with the team before you go ahead.

Please note, if Foxtel services are unavailable at your new address, Foxtel will disconnect your service and waive any early termination fees if you are still under contract.

How to move your service

When preparing to move your Foxtel service to a new address, the first step is to contact Foxtel directly, which you can do by phone or via the Live Chat facility on the website. 

It’s advisable to contact Foxtel at least a month before your planned move to allow sufficient time for the transfer. During the call, ask about the feasibility of connecting Foxtel at your new premises.

Once you’ve confirmed that your new address can access Foxtel, you’ll receive notification of the date your Foxtel services will be deactivated at your current address and when they’ll be activated at your new one.

Keep in mind that if you’re relocating multiple Foxtel services, they may not all be activated on the same date. On moving day, ensure you pack all your Foxtel equipment and cables and take them with you. If you’re not requiring a technician, take the time to review Foxtel’s self-installation instructions, as this will save you time and effort.

What does it cost?

When you’re moving to a new home, there might be costs associated with transferring your Foxtel connection. 

The costs will depend on the type of Move Home transfer you opt for, and you’ll be informed of these costs beforehand to avoid any surprises. Typically, if you choose to have a technician move and install your TV equipment, there’s a standard fee and you’ll be walked through that when you speak to Foxtel. 

However, if you decide to self-install your existing Foxtel TV box at your new address, there won’t be any cost. For Foxtel Broadband and/or Home Phone service, different connection and activation fees may apply. 

Can you keep watching pay TV during your move?

You can absolutely keep watching Foxtel while you’re in the process of moving. With Foxtel Go, you can stream shows included in your subscription on a mobile device or through Chrome or Safari browsers, all at no additional cost. 

Just make sure your compatible device is connected to the internet. Do keep in mind that data charges may apply, and availability of shows is subject to your subscription pack. 

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